Foundation Dampproofing

MEMBRANIX Coatings Inc. can promise you no more leaky basements that consists of exactly what your basements needs to stay dry and avoid leaking cracks. 

Reliable Foundation Dampproofing in Ottawa & Outskirts

Foundation dampproofing is a process of applying tar or asphalt-based mixture on the outer layer of a building’s foundation walls. The motive of this process is to prevent water vapours from seeping through the walls into the basement area. It is highly recommended when using the traditional foundation dampproofing, to install a drainage layer; Delta MS – air gap to help eliminate leaks and deters hydrostatic pressure.


What Are the Different Types of Dampproofing?

At MEMBRANIX Coating Inc, we offer a wide variety of dampproofing services. Here are a few methods we offer for foundation dampproofing in Ottawa:

Traditional Dampproofing

Spray-applied dampproofing (tar) is the traditional method of protecting a foundation wall for both poured concrete and block masonry constructions that are approximately 10 ml thick.

Traditional dampproofing helps stop water vapour from passing through a foundation wall into the basement area.

When using this traditional method of dampproofing, it is highly recommended to install a drainage layer. Delta MS air gap drainage layer helps eliminate leaks and deters hydrostatic pressure.

Drainage Layer

Delta MS is a high-density polyethylene air gap membrane. In new construction, it is typically used on the exterior of the foundation wall going down to the footing to protect your basement from hydrostatic pressure and deter water entry.

Delta FL

Delta FL is a high-density polyethylene sheet membrane with a dimpled surface. It is installed with dimples down to create an air space above or below the slab. Once the Delta FL is on the entire floor, the plywood is then installed and fastened to ensure that it is soundly secured before installing the finish flooring: carpet, tile, hardwood, etc.

Delta FL is recommended for both new construction as well as retrofits. The Delta FL eliminates the cold, damp feeling in your basement area, and in exchange, allows you to utilize your basement as an additional, comfortable living space.

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