Foundation Crack Repair

We provide foundation crack repairs with top quality products and professionally trained staff that will take care of all your leaky basement issues and needs. 

Professional Foundation Crack Repairs in Ottawa

Most cracks can have leakage problems that can become apparent during heavy rains, after the snow melts and improper grading. Excess water in the basement can cause damage to valuable items and in some cases cause mold and mildew growth. MEMBRANIX Coatings Inc., specializes in crack repair services in Ottawa. No matter how severe the cracks are, we can diagnose the cause and suggest a suitable procedure for foundation crack repair in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

There are two most common types of foundation cracks that can occur in the foundation of your home: exterior cracks and Interior cracks. At MEMBRANIX Coatings Inc., we have the expertise and experience to both diagnose and repair. An exterior foundation crack requires an excavation down to the footing to expose the full foundation wall and the crack’s full length. After carrying out a thorough assessment, we would recommend a two-step process that involves a below-grade exterior repair with a waterproofing membrane. The process is then followed by the installation of foundation wrap or an installation drainage board, which allows water to drain straight down to the weeping tile system. Interior hairline cracks, on the other hand, can be repaired with the application of a polyurethane resin injected directly into the crack. With years of experience in foundation crack repair in Ottawa, we can assure the best results. Call us today!


Why Do Foundation Cracks Happen

When it comes to foundation cracks or repairs, it is essential to address the issue as soon as possible without any delay. Concrete has the tendency to crack. It will expand and shrink with changes in temperature, moisture and soil conditions. Such environmental factors can also cause premature cracking of your concrete foundation. Some of the weak points that are susceptible to cracks include corners, basement window frames, walls and pipe areas which our foundation crack repair team in Ottawa can fix.

Too little or too much moisture

Lack of moisture can cause the soil to shrink. This can cause a gap, pulling away from the foundation of your home. When the foundation of a home is not supported correctly, it can shift around, and the cracks appear to expand. On the other hand, too much moisture can cause the foundation of your home to expand.


An earthquake can cause the ground to shake, which can destabilize your home. This can cause the foundation to weaken and crack. A earthquake may not cause new cracks, but it can intensify the ones that are already present.


Storms can damage the foundation of your home. The water from storms can force the soil around your home’s foundation to expand and push against the home. This can cause concrete foundation cracks and other structural problems.

Plumbing Leaks

Without adequate basement waterproofing or a sump pump, the excess water will add to the soil, causing it to expand and push against your foundation. This can cause structural problems and foundation cracks in your basement.


Flood water can also be a problem for your concrete foundation. Flooding caused by leaks can lead to structural problems, increasing possibility to more cracks and structural faults in your foundation.

Extreme Temperatures

Concrete can also crack under extreme heat and cool temperatures because the concrete expands due to extensive change in weather.

Crack Repair

Most poured concrete walls crack; this can be caused by slight settlement, shrinkage, soil and clay conditions, ground swelling, and leaky tie rods along with weather conditions causing a leaky basement. The main objective is to repair and correct the cracks that do leak in the most permanent and cost effective method.


Is elastomeric fast setting foam which is most commonly used to control water leaks caused by a hairline crack. This is not a structural repair. Polyurethane can be injected into both a wet or dry surface with the full capability of adhering and will accommodate slight concrete movement due to the elastomeric nature of the product.


Varies from an ultra-thin to paste-like liquid to accommodate cracks of various widths and has a compressive strength that exceeds most concrete. The epoxy method is generally used for structural repairs. It is not recommended for epoxy to be used on active leaking cracks do to the inability to bond and adhere to a wet surface.

Weeping Tile

Weeping tile is a round perforated pipe, either perforated or non-perforated with or without a filter cloth and comes in various diameter sizes. The weeping tile, also referred to as drain tile, is located beside the footing around the full perimeter of the foundation wall and covered by clear stone. The reason for this is to help eliminate hydrostatic pressure from building up under the basement floor and to carry the access water away from the foundation wall.

Window Wells

Window wells must have a proper installed window well drain, and backfilled with free draining material in place to avoid water backup in the window well area. We provide a vast selection of window wells complete with decorative options that will protect your home and give it a distinct style.

Our technology and years of experience combined with our commitment to quality makes us the most reliable crack repair service provider in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Book an appointment with MEMBRANIX Coatings Inc. in the Ottawa today!

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