Horizon Finish

The Horizon Foundation Finishing System brings new levels of moisture and insulation protection to a formerly neglected area of the foundation from grade line to the sill plate.

There Are Two Options For The Horizon Finish:

Type One

The Horizon finish can be applied on either an existing home or a new home in the parging area. This is done by using a prime coat, and them installing the Horizon finish.

Type Two

Full wall waterproofing system, this consists of a three-part barrier system that starts with TUFF-N-DRI Basement Waterproofing System on the exterior foundation wall, providing an uninterrupted moisture barrier that protects from the footing to the sill plate, install Warm-n-Dri board fiber insulation board on the exterior foundation walls below grade, and install ThermoPanel fiber insulation drainage board with a built-in mesh above grade, complete it with the Horizon finish.

horizon repair3

There Are Two More Options For The Horizon Finish:

Option 1

Works really well on both new and existing homes. The Horizon finish works well on existing or older homes that have traditional parging cracked or falling off and in need of repair or resurfacing. With the Horizon finish, not only does it have curb side appeal, it also provides a waterproofing membrane.

Option 2

When you go with the full system, the foundation wall is fully waterproofed with a rubberized membrane and insulated on the exterior foundation wall from the footing to the sill plate and the Horizon finish is a rubberized waterproofing membrane that is installed above grade in place of traditional concrete parging.

Benefits Of Insulating The Foundation Wall On The Exterior:

  • Maximizes the energy efficiency, and helps to fulfill Energy Star Home Sealing qualifications.
  • You can increase the R-value of the foundation walls up to at least R12
  • A full system helps minimize the interior condensation, basement walls stay warmer and drier.
  • The ThermoPanel insulates the exterior foundation wall above grade, while the Warm-n-Dri board insulates and drains water below grade, making your basement warm and dry.
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