Foundation Waterproofing

Over the years MEMBRANIX Coatings Inc. has waterproofed tens of thousands of both residential and commercial foundations.  We are a full service waterproofing company, and can help resolve any and all waterproofing needs or requirements.

 Professional Foundation Waterproofing Services in Ottawa

A solid foundation is the key to make your house last for generations. Apart from using quality building materials, you should also waterproof your foundation walls. Foundation waterproofing’s sole purpose is to prevent water from seeping into your home, it is also recommended and an added bonus to insulate on the exterior of your foundation wall, from the footing to the sill plate.

Get in touch with MEMBRANIX Coating Inc. to get professional foundation waterproofing services in Ottawa today. MEMBRANIX Coatings Inc., with over 30 years of expertise in waterproofing in the Ottawa and surrounding areas, we can help protect the foundation of your home.

By fixing the cracks in the foundation and waterproofing your home by installing Tuff-n-Dri waterproofing membrane with Warm-n-Dri board, it can seal out water penetration. Learn more below.


Signs You Need to Get Waterproofing Done

Bowed walls or cracking

If you see bowed walls or large cracks, it might be time to repair and waterproof your house.


When walls are wet, the minerals tend to surface, causing chalky white streaks to appear. This is known as Efflorescence. If you observe this on your walls, contact our professional foundation waterproofing service right away.


If you observe corrosion in your basement, waterproof your foundation before the problem gets out of hand.

Tuff-n-Dri and Warm-n-Dri Waterproofing in Ottawa

Tuff-n-Dri is a spray-applied flexible polymer-enhanced waterproofing membrane that seamlessly bridges foundation settling cracks and seals out water penetration providing a minimum of 40 ml of protection when cured. When used as a two-part system, Warm-n-Dri board assists in drainage, reduces interior condensation and channels unwanted water to the weeping tile.

Some builders in the Ottawa area use this product as an upgrade product, while others use it as their standard to ensure that the houses they are selling are waterproofed below grade.

A waterproofing membrane must have the capability of performing two main tasks:


  • The ability to span a foundation hairline crack as defined by Tarion
  • The ability to stop hydrostatic water pressure

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